Portal "Big 7 Travel" koji se bavi preporukama za putovanja, sproveo je anketu sa više miliona ljudi, koji su birali najlepša mesta na svetu.

Na prvom mestu našao se Nacionalni park Tores del Pain u Čileu, na drugom su Farska ostrva, a na trećem Nacionalni park Grand Teton u Vajomingu.

Na listi su se našle i dve destinacije iz bivše Jugoslavije - na petom mestu Bledsko jezero u Sloveniji i Mostar koji se našao na 20. poziciji.

Ovako izgleda prvih 10 mesta:

1. Nacionalni park Tores del Pajn, Čile

2. Farska ostrva

3. Nacionalni park Grand Teton, Vajoming

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Such a stunning sunset in the Grand Tetons! Many people don’t realize this, but there are many amazing lakes to explore in this wonderful National Park! And as you can see here, waiting for sunset or catching an early morning sunrise is spectacular! Winds are usually low at these times allowing phenomenal reflections like this here since the water gets very calm. Long exposure can be your friend in situations like this where there are some ripples. If you don’t have time to wait for the lake to calm down, you can sometimes salvage a great reflection by just letting a lot of light into the camera. As always, please follow the leave no trace principles while visiting the parks. Take out any trash you bring with you including compostable material like apple cores and bread scraps. If you encounter animals like squirrels, chipmunks, or marmots, please do not feed them as it encourages them to go closer to humans and steal their food (this has become a major problem in the parks). Together we can make our parks wonderful for everyone to enjoy! Tag someone you would bring here! What is your favorite sunset spot in the parks??? 📸: @evang_travels Follow, tag @nationalparks_guide, and use the hashtag #nationalparks_guide for your chance to be featured!

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4. Reka Li, Kina

5. Jezero Bled, Slovenija

6.Veliki koralni greben, Australija

7. Nacionalni park Banf, Kanada

8. Palavan, Filipini

9. Škotske planine

10. Kjoto, Japan