Emili Klarkson, ćerka britanskog voditeljaDžeremija i influenserka, često naglašava koliko filteri na Instagramu mogu da naruše nečije samopouzdanje, a zahvaljujući svojem iskrenom pristupu prikupila je 113.000 pratilaca.

U jednoj od posljednjih objava influenserka je podelila video koji savršeno pokazuje kako ljudi mogu da promeniti svoj izgled na fotografijama koje završe na društvenim mrežama. Učinila je to na primeru svoje fotke koja ju je izmenila do neprepoznatljivosti, a čak je i promenjena njena boja kose.

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YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF HOW WARPED YOUR INSTAGRAM REALITY IS. The skin that you see has been smoothed. The lines buffed out. The blemishes eradicated. The eyes are brightened. The tones are softer. Some bits are smaller. Others are bigger. There are not just a “couple of filters” out there that you gotta keep your eyes peeled for. There are a PLETHORA of apps out there and they’re doing everything you can think of and more. And the worst thing about that is, you have NO idea who is using what to do what. Whilst I will never blame an individual for editing themselves (most people are driven to it out of insecurity) we do need to address the behaviour of some of the people that we look up to on these apps. Because the fact that people can entirely alter their reality AND NOT EVEN NOT TO DECLARE IT will be causing more issues then any of us perhaps realise. We are comparing ourselves to people that simply DO NOT EXIST. I look at these edited photos of myself and I barely know the person, and yet... it’s ‘me’- just the “Hollywood” version available in some app. How am I meant to then be ok then with the person I see in the mirror... if she doesn’t look anything like the reflection I’ve curated for myself online? In the long run, no one wins with these apps. The external validation the altered images receive in the shape of Instagram likes will not be worth it to the individual who cannot compete with their online persona. And the consumers will never be happy if they are perpetually comparing themselves to people that literally don’t exist. I know I’m banging on about this. But so long as the apps are relentless, so must we be. Inspired again by @sashalouisepallari’s #FilterDrop campaign - FEATURED IN THE BBC TODAY BABIEEEES!! Xxx

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"Treba shvatiti koliko je iskrivljena stvarnost na Instagramu. Koža koju vidite je izglađena, bora nema, kao i crvenila. Oči su posvetljene, boje su toplije. Neki su delovi manji, a drugi veći", napisala je Emili u opisu.

Naglasila je kako nisu samo filteri zaduženi za ovakvo iskrivljavanje stvarnosti, već postoji mnoštvo aplikacija koje rade isto. 

"Upoređujemo se s nečim što jednostavno ne postoji. Gledam u ove svoje uređene fotke i ne prepoznajem se. To sam ja, ali samo neka holivudska verzija na aplikaciji", napisala je Emili.

Dodaje kako nikada nećemo biti srećni ako se nastavimo uspoređivati s ljudima koji doslovno ne postoje. 

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Sound ON and remember social media ISN’T real ⚠️ The amount of time most of us spend on social media it’s only normal that we will from time to time compare ourselves to the images that we see on here, PLEASE LET THIS BE A REMINDER THAT THIS SHIT AINT REAL. Still these apps exist, they get more advanced every day and there is no regulation at all which means people can make all these alterations without declaring it. It’s all sorts of wonky. And change has to happen but until it does we have to remember that we are enough, without all this shite. And that we must never compete our realities with someone else’s virtual depiction of themselves ❤️❤️❤️ #FILTERDROP @sashalouisepallari

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